Revelations from the Bush Interview

Valuable information from the recent [Presidential interview] [pb]:

>I mean, part of the faith walk is to understand your weaknesses and is to constantly try to embetter yourself and get closer to the Lord.

Later, in a clarifying statement, the President explained he’d used “a perfectly [cromulent] [crom] word.”

>Look, I tell people — and this is an interesting thing — it’s harder to be the son of a President than to be the President.

After all, what does a President do all day? It’s mostly hanging out at the ranch and clearing brush!

>I feel I owe it to the families to be as — to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.

Moved by their leader’s sacrifice, millions of Americans have vowed to stand with him by giving up bowling, letting their lawns grow a bit, skipping “Dancing With the Stars,” and maybe not supersizing that next order at McDonald’s.

>Baseball is a fabulous sport. I used to say it’s a sport played by normal-sized people. It turns out some of these normal-sized people are obviously very strong and very quick, but nevertheless, normal-size — you don’t have to be a huge guy to play baseball. And it’s a great family sport, and it needs to be cleaned up.

>Q: And there haven’t been enough normal-sized people.

>Bush: Well, there’s — yes, there are a lot of normal-sized people. I mean, there’s a lot of little dudes who can play the game and play it well.

In the course of the interview–a rare opportunity to question the most powerful man in America–the President was also asked who does a better impression of his father, whether it’s true he does a great impression of Dr. Evil, whether he’d recently watched “Father of the Bride,” and who he thinks will win on an “American Idol” charity show.

I’m too baffled to come up with a joke for this one.