Miscellaneous Oddities

Your Brief, Regularly Scheduled Phobia

This happens once a day.

…And that’s it for 30 Days of Comics. Pushing myself to draw every evening seems to have gotten my comics back on track, or at least close enough to the track that no one is wondering how the hell a train ended up on an aircraft carrier in the arctic circle. In December I hope to reactivate my blog as well, although I have no plans to post something there every day. Every week may be enough of a challenge.

The next comic will go up on Monday. After that, I plan to return to my old, irregular schedule of one to three comics a week, depending on my time and the comics’ size.

I may end up giving these birds, based on a design I used a few years ago for “Phoenix,” their own category. I started using them because they made it easy to crank out a strip in an evening, but they’ve turned out to work very well for gags that don’t call for easily differentiated characters.