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Harriet is Fed Up

I thought I’d try an experiment with this comic: I did the pencilling in blue pencil, and the “inking” in black pencil. The idea was both to save time and to preserve the quality and spontaneity of my original pencils, which I tend to ruin in the inking stage.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. Partly, I think, I used the wrong kind of paper–the pencil smeared. Once I had the thing scanned Photoshop gave me a choice between washed-out lines and heavy speckles. I’ll redraw this one at some point but decided putting the flawed version up now was better than letting the strip stall.

I'll redraw this one at some point.

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LOL When the WashPost first started putting little tidbits in the margins, I yelled at it that if I wanted USA Today, I’d buy it!

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