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Mount Pleasant: Regurgitation Capitol of Iowa

According to this article in the Burlington Hawk Eye, someone in Mount Pleasant, Iowa has spent the last three years vomiting—excuse me, *regurgitating their food*—into trash bags and dumping them just outside of town:
>MOUNT PLEASANT — Trash bags filled with regurgitated food have been found littering the former Pleasant Lawn School area and in roadside ditches northeast of Mount Pleasant over the last three years.

That’s *three years,* folks.

>Late last summer, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office thought the littering had stopped. Then, on April 11, the office received another call.

>”The last call was four bags,” said Deputy Dan Wesely. Over the last three years, dozens of bags may been dropped, Wesely said. […] The bags have been of various sizes and have been filled only with regurgitated foods.

Is it possible that *one person* is doing this? How could they put this much time and effort into serial regurgitation? Or is it a group… some kind of recreational bulimia society? Is it their hobby? I know Mount Pleasant is a small town, but is there really so little to do there? This story is going to be needling my brain for *days*… and the least I can do is inflict it on anyone who comes across my blog.