Index of Stories

##The Adventures of Bob
Buyer’s Remorse
Buck Miller vs. the Condiment Bandit
Harriet is Angry
The Alien
Reality Chicken Leg
Love is Useless
Bob vs. Elves
Merry War on Christmas!
The World Contains Mops
Buck Shows Off a Purchase
Bob Assesses His Life
Bob at Work, and Terror in the Supermarket
Fish Story
Buck’s Nephews
Get Bonecrusher Thompson!
In Prison
On the Road
Bob Stops at a Roadhouse
Bob Has Returned Home With No Explanation
Rites of Passage
Writers’ Block
Buck has a Revelation
Today Was
Thinking For Yourself
Bob’s Dreams
Shopping for Pens
Buck Meets a Stick Figure
Preview of Coming Attractions
Squirrel Hat Day
Buck Discovers Something Unprecedented
Harriet Meets Strange People
Pie Rats
New Memes
Making Sure
Buck vs. the Moon
Bob Listens to Sgt. Pepper
Bob Votes
The Meaning of Thanksgiving
A New Tradition
Trouble at the Newspaper
Buck Miller: Agricultural Commissioner

##Dr. Crane and Dr. Smythe
Space Orphans
Toaster Trouble
Oh no! Scary Clones!
The Bowling Ball Enigma
Gazebo Portal
Thank You for Not Smoking
Criminal Justice Hijinks
Time Machine!
Public Service Announcement

##Household of Dracula
Household of Dracula
Dracula vs. the Paperboy
Dracula Meets Frankenstein
Dracula’s Date
Dracula’s Grapefruit
The Detachable Face of Frankenstein
Dracula on an Off Day

##Foggy Frog
Foggy Frog
Foggy Frog Drinks Himself Silly
Foggy Frog Eats Peas

##Fred: Defender of the Earth
Fred Defends the Earth
Fred’s Sidekick

##Mr. Knowledge
Mr. Knowledge Explains Vikings
The Little Candy Hearts Story
Johnny Rockhandle

##Groknir the Barbarian
Groknir the Barbarian and his Cell Phone
Groknir’s Greatest Enemy

A Conversation with Meatfog
Meatfog Plays Hyperborea

##Miscellaneous Oddities
Dumas Dream
Glowing Baseball in the Sky
Round City
Bedtime Story
Giant Disembodied Fingers
Pietro Fontini: Blimp Detective!
One Amazing Christmas
The Great Man
In the Jungle
Chess in Oceania
Onions of Our World
Scary Ghost Movie
Are You There?
Cheese Wheel
Interview With the Oldest Man
Outwitting the Magic Monkey
Inexplicable Pizza Delivery
Poof. Foop.
Triumph and Tragedy
Single-Strand Hairstyles
The Hypnotic Eye of Randall Peeps
Archaeology Joke

##Single (or Almost Single) Panels (Some More Puzzling than Funny)
Put Your Children in Therapy
Biting Machine
Social Awkwardness
Nitwits in the Art Instruction Section
Duck Development
Lion Tamer
Rumors of the Apocalypse
Silly Hat
Meeting the Neighbor’s Kid
Modern Dentistry
Joe Began to Wonder
Bean Bar
Jowl Batteries
Magic Pants
Danger Hat
New Math
Remembering the Bland Pleasures
Small Talk
Avogadro’s Avocado
Small Comfort
Flattened by the Giant Rolling Head of Good Cheer
One of Those Duck Planets
They Don’t Feel Your Pain
The Entire History of the 21st Century in One Panel
Santa Gets Fired
Acquainted With the Night
How Jobs Work
X Xing
Vestigial Jungle
Poorly Opaque
The Grass is Greener
Nature Disappoints Again
Mr. Peebles Saves on Gas
This is Bill
The Worst Monument
A Primitive Sieve
Barred From Entry
Futurist Barbell
He Can See You
The Odd One Out
Henry Penderling
The Undecided Voter
The Sands of Tim
Evil Balloon Animal