To Do List

One of the unfulfilled intentions behind this blog was to write about the books I’ve been reading–to ensure that I actually *think* about what I read, not just set each book aside and move on to the next. Obviously I haven’t been doing that.

So here’s a list of books that impressed me (or in a few cases both annoyed *and* impressed me) in 2007–books I read in 2007, not necessarily books published in 2007–about which I feel I ought to write something, to better understand *why* I liked them. If I post this list, I might shame myself into actually, y’know, *doing* it.

* _Erasing Sherlock_, by Kelly Hale
* _Blindsight_, by Peter Watts
* _Strange Histories_, by Darren Oldridge
* _Adventures in Unhistory_, by Avram Davidson
* _Stumbling on Happiness_, by Daniel Gilbert
* _Sundown Towns_, by James Loewen
* _The Assault on Reason_, by Al Gore
* _The Girl in the Glass_, by Jeffrey Ford
* _The Sons of Heaven_, by Kage Baker
* _The Worst Hard Time_, by Timothy Eagan
* _Generation Loss_, by Elizabeth Hand
* _The Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James_ (The two-volume Penguin paperbacks, edited by S. T. Joshi)
* _The Shakespeare Riots_, by Nigel Cliff
* _The Canon_, by Natalie Angier
* _The Course of the Heart_, by M. John Harrison
* _Dombey and Son_, by Charles Dickens
* _Spaceman Blues_, by Brian Francis Slattery
* _Bad Monkeys_, by Matt Ruff

There were other books (including _Making Money_ by Terry Pratchett and _The Shock Doctrine_ by Naomi Klein) that impressed me just as much but about which I suspect I have nothing remotely interesting to say. There were also a few books about which I did actually manage to write something:

* [_The Great Pretenders_, by Jan Bondeson] [gp]
* [_Cleek: The Man of the Forty Faces_, by Thomas Hanshew] [c40]
* [_Cleek of Scotland Yard_, by Thomas Hanshew] [csy]
* [_Spin Control_, by Chris Moriarty] [sc]
* [_To Ruhleben–and Back_, by Geoffrey Pyke] [tr]

And a few _Doctor Who_ tie-ins. Which can be found by clicking on the [_Doctor Who_ category link] [dw], because I don’t feel like listing them.