Cluelessness is the Yeast in the Bread of Evil

Jim Emerson demonstrates everything that’s wrong with the world in two examples:

I think it all comes down to that common quality of cluelessness — either obliviousness to the consequences words and actions or reckless disregard for them. Woody Allen (who, by the way, made a great movie about cluelessness, “Another Woman”) divided the world into the “horrible and the miserable.” For the sake of this essay, I would like to propose that we divide rampant worldwide insanity into Two Kinds of Cluelessness: 1) Literalism: Those who are certain they know something, but don’t know that they don’t understand it; and 2) Ãœber-Solipsism: Those who are certain they understand something, but but don’t know — and don’t care — that they don’t, because everything is only about them anyway.