Correct Your Nose!

Project Gutenberg has posted the February 1930 issue of Astounding Stories of Super-Science. The best things in it are the ads.



Thousands have used the Anita Nose Adjuster to improve their appearance. Shapes flesh and cartilage of the nose—safely, painlessly, while you sleep. Results are lasting. Doctors approve it. Money back guarantee. Gold Medal
winner. Write for 30-Day TRIAL OFFER and FREE BOOKLET.

ANITA INSTITUTE, 242 Anita Building, Newark, N.J.

“Anybody notice Carl today?”

“Why? What’s up?”

“The flesh and cartilage of his nose look like he’s been wrapping his head in linguine.”

“Pardon me, gentlemen!”

Business men gargle daily to check colds and sore throat

Why is Listerine to be found in the offices of a majority of American business men? Why do they use it at the noon hour? Why do they sometimes halt important meetings, to gargle with it?

A damn good question, actually.

Stop that Pain

By Relieving the Cause with
Violet Ray—Vibration
Ozone—Medical Electricity
The Four Greatest Curative Powers Generated by This

Great New Invention!

Elco Health Generators at last are ready for you! If you want more health—greater power to enjoy the pleasures and delights about you, or if more beauty is your desire—write! Ask for the book on these inventions which has just been prepared. It will be sent to you without cost. It tells you how Elco Health Generators aid you in leaving the lethargy and hopelessness of bad health and weakness behind forever. Re-vitalize yourself. Bring back energy. Be wholly alive. Write today!…

These great new inventions generate Violet Ray, Vibration, Electricity and Ozone—combined or separate. They operate on the electric light in your home or on their own motive power at less than 50 cents per year. Elco Health Generators are positively the only instruments which can give you in one outfit Electricity, Violet Ray—Vibration and Ozone—the four greatest curative agents. Send the coupon below. Get the Free Book NOW!

Or you could just hang around Frankenstein’s lab for a while, and get the four greatest curative agents plus zombies!

The man frowned as his stomach turned gray.

10 Inches Off
Waistline In
35 Days

“I reduced from 48 inches to 38 inches in 35 days,” says R. E. Johnson, of Akron, O., “just by wearing a Director Belt. Stomach now firm, doesn’t sag and I feel fine.”

The Director Belt gets at the cause of fat and quickly removes it by its gentle, kneading, massaging action on the abdomen, which causes the fat to be dissolved and absorbed. Thousands have proved it and doctors recommend it as the natural way to reduce. Stop drugs, exercises and dieting. Try this easy way.

Our nations’s epidemic of obesity apparently came about because Americans failed to gently knead and massage their abdomens.

Despite the testimonial, the guy in the picture looks very unhappy about his Director Belt. What, exactly, is it directing? Has it ordered him to commit some crime?

It was the belt that made him do it! The damned belt!