Art Means Never Having to Think Things Through

It turns out if you put a bunch of contradictory signs up by a road, drivers will become confused.

>The art installation – part of a series of outdoor shows which pocketed a £50,000 grant from the Arts Council – has been slammed as “ridiculous” and “dangerous” by drivers and transport chiefs.

>The artwork, which includes signs such as one-way, mini-roundabout, no entry and 30mph, was erected on a busy ring-road in Ashford, Kent this week.

It’s part of a big art project called “Lost O”, parts of which, from the available reports, appear to have been designed to annoy anyone who happens across them.

>Many of the works are likely to confuse and surprise the public by playing on the level of attention they pay to their street environment – and disrupting it.

>This is precisely how US artist Brad Downey operates, by subverting the familiar system of signs and systems people use to navigate the city. His installation involves a pedestrian crossing control box that can only be reached by standing on someone’s shoulders.